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Wedding Trend 2023 - Shades of Blue

Love it or hate it? Honestly, for a long time, I've not been sure about blue, I immediately think of those horrendous dyed blue roses and want to go and hide.  It can be tricky to balance and can be cold if it's not done right.  However, I'm changing my mind as there are plenty of natural blue-coloured flowers available throughout the seasons.  It's a good job really as nearly half my 2023 weddings have some element of blue in them.  That's why I'm calling it.  It will be a trend!

It started with my first wedding of 2022.  The wedding of Clare and Beth.  Their colour palette was blue and blush, inspired by their sapphire engagement rings.  Blue was the main colour, with lots of different shades, from dark navy to light blue.  We did think long and hard to ensure we got the right balance and avoid anything dyed.  The aim was to keep it 100% natural.  We decided that the deeper shades of blue should come through in the styling and dressing of the tables and use lighter tones in the flowers.

The best natural blue flowers for weddings are:

  1. Hydrangea
  2. Delphinium
  3. Forget me knots
  4. Thistle
  5. Nigella

There are more, anemone for example in the spring are perfect, either in the blue petal variety or the white ones which have a blue jewelled centre.The hydrangea comes in a variety of different shades, from your pastel right through to deep dark ocean-coloured blues.  They're versatile flowers but can be quite dominating, so using more petit flowers like Nigella of Forget me Knots in bouquets is the perfect way to introduce your blue tones.

'A blue flower was a central symbol of inspiration for the Romanticism Movement.  It stands for desire and love and symbolises hope and the beauty of things'

After the last few years, it's no wonder that blue flowers are becoming popular for weddings, we all want to see hope and beauty in things.

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