Katherine & Christian

Katherine & Christian - The Oaktree of Peaover

What made you choose Jemma Khan (formerly Forage Floristry) for your wedding flowers

I saw Jemma’s flowers used in wedding styling shoots and I immediately thought that’s 100% my style of flowers! Jemma’s flowers looked effortlessly cool, timeless, and full of texture and a bit of wildness which I love! I knew super polished, uniformed bouquets weren’t going to be for me, or suit my dress which would be unstructured and floaty, and I knew Jemma would be able to create something that was my kind of style.

What was the best part of your day?

I loved hanging out with all my best people on the morning of my wedding, all the bridal party and groom and groomsmen mixed throughout the morning which made it a lot more laidback, so when it came to walking down the aisle I was relaxed and ready to get married! Having our dog Mabel there to run down the aisle with our rings made it even more special! Having everyone together that you love, celebrating your love, is so special. So I sort of had a blast from start to finish down to the people we had there!

Tell us a bit about the style/theme of your wedding

We wanted our wedding to be pretty laid back, with a loose (I had to get some pinks in there!) autumnal wilderness forest theme since it was November! We had lots of greens, peaches, foliage, florals and natural scenery in all the stationary, I wore a clay flower headband, and had all the table names as US National Parks we’ve visited together with paintings to represent them all. So very much centered around the outdoors and natural colours!

How did the flowers elevate your wedding?

The flowers that Jemma created were everything at our wedding! After looking at a few venue dressers, I knew I just wanted Jemma’s floral creations to provide all the decoration for the venue. The flowers were beautiful and were all we needed to make the perfect vibe for our wedding in our venue. It was so reassuring that I knew I wouldn’t need to worry about sorting anything else as I absolutely knew the flowers and floral pieces were all we needed and wanted!

What was your favourite arrangement?

I loved all of it! I especially loved the flower arch as it was a dream to come true to have one of Jemma’s at our wedding after seeing all the amazing one’s she has created in the past! And of course, I LOVED my bouquet and my bridesmaid bouquets. We had sooo many compliments on the flowers (which should be Jemma’s really!) and everyone has commented on the bouquet when I’ve been showing my previous photos around! I loved it so much, as soon as I got back home the day after our wedding I started the drying process and it is now up in a picture frame in our house with the stunning ribbon in place!

How did you find the whole process of working with Jemma?

Jemma was absolutely amazing!! Even though I’m not that good at describing what I want, Jemma suggested things and had a vision which was even better than anything I could have come up with myself! Jemma suggested some beautiful colors, foliage, textures, and flowers which all worked together SO well. I had complete confidence that Jemma would curate the perfect flowers and floral arrangements for our day, so it was an absolute breeze (maybe not for Jemma ha!) and a joy for me. I know Jemma would be able to work with any brief, so whatever your style or vision is, Jemma would be able to pull it off beautifully. Not only is Jemma incredibly creative and talented, she is so, so lovely, warm, down to earth, and so easy to get along with. It was so nice to see her smiling face on my wedding morning!

Do you have any words of wisdom for future couples planning their wedding?

If you choose suppliers who you trust and have complete confidence in then nothing will be stressful and you will enjoy the whole process. We loved every minute of planning our wedding, and celebrating our day, so remember to savor the whole process, keep mementos, and take photos so you can scrapbook it all to look back on!