Manchester Hall Wedding Flowers

Back in April I had the absolute pleasure of creating wedding flowers for Emily and Simon at Manchester Hall. When we started the process Emily was all about the jewel tones, ruch greens, blues and purples. Well, we had an about turn and instead went for a more muted Bridgerton inspired colour palette, which was very fitting at this Georgian building. Here are some thoughs from Emily about her wedding and working with us.

What made you choose Jemma Khan for your wedding flowers?

Jemma is a friend but that didn’t make her the only option - her work just happens to be amazing! I loved the way that her bouquets and statement pieces aren’t too formal and that she’s so knowledgeable and flexible. She was an asset to the team!

What was the best part of your day?

It has to be the moment I entered the room for the ceremony and saw how beautiful both the room and all my friends and family looked. 

Tell us a bit about the style/theme of your wedding

We had a black-tie, twilight wedding, in a regency-style set of rooms. Luxury, candlelight and Bridgerton were all key buzzwords!

How did the flowers elevate your wedding?

As I didn’t have bridesmaids the flowers were the key ‘colour’ in the wedding. Muted pinks and blues, alongside more tradition white, cream and green, added the colours we wanted. Everyone commented on the beautiful flowers, and everyone was taking photos beside them.

What was your favourite arrangement?

I was obsessed with my bouquet! From the moment that Jemma handed it to me I couldn’t stop cooing over it, smelling it and looking at myself holding it in the mirror. It really made me feel like a bridal princess! The urns were also fabulous and my Mother-in-Law has the most lovely photo next to one.

How did you find the whole process of working with Jemma?

Wonderful! Jemma knows so much about weddings that she was a massive help with the overall vision, not just the flowers. I want to get married again just so we can hang out more talking about beautiful things!

Do you have any words of wisdom for future couples planning their wedding?

Use your suppliers as advisers and don’t be afraid to change your wishlist - our first proposal with Jemma was exactly what we had asked for but turned out to not be right. Jemma used her knowledge to help steer us in a much better direction.

If you would like to enquire about your wedding flowers, please get in touch!

Jemma x