Marquee Wedding Decor Tips

Marquee Wedding - How to Dress your Marquee

Decorating a marquee can be quite daunting as it’s a big blank space, however chances are if you’ve chosen to go for a marquee then you’re probably really excited about it being a blank canvas and the prospect of decorating it.  Marquees are flexible and can accommodate any type of vibe, be it classic, funky or boho, the possibilities are endless.  With the right decorations, flowers and furniture you can totally transform the space into the dream wedding you’ve always wanted.

Firstly, think of the space you have and then break it down into sections, you’ll have a the reception/drinks area with a bar, then an eating area and the dance floor.  Think about the flow of the day and how you want you’re guests to feel.  A statement arch as you enter the marquee is a great way to set the tone.  Then think about if and what furniture you might want to have in the reception area, having some setting is advisable for the older guests.

When we were married, what feels like a long time ago, we had a marquee wedding.  We dressed the reception area like a living room and made it really comfortable, with sofa’s, side tables, and stools.  We even had mirrors hanging up, which was a great touch and made the flowers look incredible and reflect some light.  Simple florals are really effective here.  

If you’re having a central bar, I would definitely go for a floral chandelier above the bar area and another one over the eating area, this will draw the eye up and giving the room an understanded yet sumptuous feel.  In fact, you could go all out with hanging floral installations really bringing the outside in. ask your marquee company if they provide the hoops, most do.

Does your marquee have poles?  If so this is another great way to decorate your marquee, large foliage branches look fabulous for that natural organic feel.  Want something a bit more modern, why not go for full gypsophilla poles?

Centrepieces, at the moment long tables are here to stay and I’m all in for it.  If you’re going for trestle tables then meadow runners down the table would look fabulous, if your more budget conscious simple bud vases with tapered candles is super elegant.  Round tables are still very popular, with these look at varying the heights of the floral arrangements, again drawing the eye up.

The design elements are endless, and having a good floral designer or stylist is key to bringing your vision to life.  Honestly nothing excites a florist more than a blank canvas and easy ways to hang flowers!

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