Wedding Planning - Top North West Wedding Venues

Wedding Planning - Top North West Wedding Venues

Wedding planning is a daunting task, some people absolutely love it and others find it overwhelming and stressful.  However, it must be done and we’re here to make that happen as seamlessly and stressfree as possible.  We’ve put together a little planning guide to help, along with some highly recommended suppliers we’ve had the pleasure working with.  

The idea is that this will be in 3 installments, with the first all about your venue and photographer, then moving onto florists (that will be a pretty short list), wedding planners, stylist, hair and makeup and pet sitters - yes it’s a thing and it’s awesome.

So, you’ve just got engaged, now what? Apart from enjoying the high and drinking champagne there’s a wedding to plan!  First, sit down with you partner and set out your expectations.  Chances are you’ve been secretly planning this on Pinterest for sometime!  Talk budgets, what’s important and what is less so, that way you can prioritise what you want - all the flowers obviously!  Maybe think about a wedding planner?

The next step is choosing a venue - this will set the whole tone of the day and will likely determin the style and feel you’re going for- here are my top 5 North West wedding venues

Capesthorne Hall - For that Country Estate vibe

Oddfellows on the Park - Boutique Hotel

Holesfoot - Perfect Barn venue with fabulous accommodation

Iscoyd Park for understated elegance

Scarlett Hall - Country Garden vibes

There are so many more to choose from the list is endless, however, creating floral magic at these venues is an absolute dream and they’re all so passionate about weddings and creating your perfect day.

As a wedding florist I get to work with many fabulous suppliers, from amazing venues to photographers, stylist and hair and make up artists.  The longer you work in the crazy world of weddings you get to know some pretty fabulous people.  

The next step in the process would be your photographer/videographer.  Really spend some time here, follow a few on instagram and get a good sense of their style, do you want light and airy or dark and moody for example.

Here is a list of great photographers I’ve had the pleasure of working with and whose work is featured across the website

Gail Secker

Gareth from Analogue & Light

Sophie from Wyldbee

Charlotte Palazzo

Rebbeca Kerr

All of these exceptionally talented photographers have their own unique style and honesty I would have difficulty choosing between them.  All the photographers I’ve worked with have been fabulous, and with any art form it’s so subjective, so, for me these really stand out.

In next week’s blog I will be talking about flowers, dresses and hair and makeup - the pretty stuff!