What can I do with my flowers after my wedding

5 Tips on how you can re-use your Wedding Flowers

If you're planning a wedding or have been to one you know that the flowers are such a big part of the day, and so they should they're gorgeous! However, once the party is over what can you do with them?  Sadly 99% of the flowers end up in the bin which is such a waste and makes me sad.  I wanted to advise you on the different things you can do to re-purpose them.

1.  Gift them to your guests

It's such a lovely idea to be able to hand out the beautiful blooms to your besties and family.  It might sound obvious but it does involve a bit of preparation and organisation.  Start collecting jars and some string and bunch up the leftover flowers and hand them out. Or we can do this for you. Our designs are thought out and often can be taken home by guests to enjoy. Just don't give the vessels away!

2. Dry them

There are many flowers in your bouquet and arrangements that will dry beautifully and you can re-create them into dried floral designs such as bouquets, flower crowns or wreaths.  Flowers that dry well; Roses, Lisianthus, Eucalyptus, Strawflower and Limoniem to name just a few.

You don't need anything fancy, just some string and somewhere to hang them from upside down.  Simply bunch them up and hang them upside down, check every couple of days, gently touch to work out if they're ready. If you have a particularly dry room you can just leave them in their water until that dries up and they often look great.

3. Donate them to Care Homes

This is something I'm a big advocate of.  In fact, if I ever have leftover flowers from an event I always try and donate them to my local Care Home.

They always bring joy and a bit of cheer.

4. Make Pot Pourri

Why not make your own fragrant Pot-Pourri?  Dry out your flower heads with some lemon or orange peel and a few sprinkles of your favourite essential oils.  Bake for a couple of hours on really low heat, make sure all the ingredients are completely dry, you don't want any moisture, take it out and leave to cool and all done!

5. Preserve them in Resin or ceramics

You could give this a go yourself or there are lots of companies out there that can make custom resin lettering using your wedding flowers. More recetly I jhave seen couples have them set in ceramics and have custom vases made, they look absolutely gorgeous. One thing I will say though, make sure you book this well in advance as often they need your bouquet straight after the wedding.

I hope this helps and give you a few ideas on what you can do with the beautiful flowers after the event.  Let's try and not let any go to unnecessary waste!